An Olympian Who Didn’t Win a Medal, But Never Quit

Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles are on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated.  And they should be all three of them dominated their sports at the Rio Olympics.  Between them, they won 16 medals: 13 gold, two silvers and one bronze.  Pretty impressive.

But this post is about another sport – rugby and a woman who didn’t win a medal but has an amazing story: Jillian Potter.  Jillian is a member of the USA Women’s rugby side.  They finished fifth in Rio.  The US Men finished 9th.  More important, Jillian is tough and competitive.  She has rebounded from two setbacks that would have side lined most players.

In 2010 she suffered a broken neck in a rugby match.  She came back to play.  In 2014 she beat cancer and came back to play.  In 2016 she became an integral member of the first USA women’s rugby side to compete in the Olympics.  There’s no quit in Jillian Potter.

And that’s me message for today.  Sometimes it’s easy to quit or to settle.  Job hunters know what I’m talking about here.  Job hunting is frustrating.  You send resumes and don’t hear anything.  You do a phone screening interview and don’t hear anything.  You get invited in for a final interview, do very well, and find out that someone else got the job.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like giving up.  But don’t.  Learn what you can from every failure, every setback and every rejection.  There is a lot of information on line that can help you learn how to conduct a job search that will get you the job you want.  For example, here’s a great article that I found on on improving your resume.

As the Olympics come to a close and we celebrate the accomplishments of the world’s greatest athletes – even those who didn’t win medals, my message is simple.  Be like Jillian Potter.  Don’t give up.  Learn from your setbacks.  Use them to get better and stronger.

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PS: If you’re looking for a job here are some great resources for you to check out.


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