An Overview of the Star Power Model

Today is Wednesday, so normally this post would be on outstanding performance.  However, I thought that in today’s post, I would do a recap of the ideas in the Star Power Model:

·        Self Confidence

·        Personal Impact

·        Outstanding Performance

·        Communication Skills

·        Interpersonal Competence

The May/June issue of Success Magazine has a sidebar article that recaps the 19 Qualities of Success presented by Herb Greenberg and Patrick Sweeny in their book Succeed on Your Own Terms.  All of these qualities can be tied to one or more of the points on the Star Power model.  Here are the 19 qualities and the point on the Star Power Model to which they apply.

19 Qualities of Success

·        Perseverance

o       Outstanding Performance

·        Goal orientation

o       Outstanding Performance

·        Self Awareness

o       Interpersonal Competence

·        Resilience

o       Self Confidence, Outstanding Performance

·        Willingness to take a risk

o       Self Confidence

·        Thriving on pressure

o       Self Confidence

·        Optimism

o       Self Confidence

·        Empathy

o       Interpersonal Competence

·        Competitiveness

o       Outstanding Performance

·        Patience

o       Interpersonal Competence

·        Persuasiveness

o       Personal Impact, Communication Skills

·        Confidence

o       Self Confidence

·        Passion

o       Outstanding Performance

·        Integrity

o       Personal Impact

·        Trust

o       Interpersonal Competence

·        Having fun

o       Self Confidence

·        Being open to new ideas

o       Self Confidence, Interpersonal Competence

·        Creativity

o       Outstanding Performance

·        Courage

o       Self Confidence, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Competence

I present this list here not to show that my model of high performance is somewhat all encompassing, but to demonstrate some of the implicit ideas behind each of the points in the Star Power Model.

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