Are You Productive — or Just Busy?

As a career mentor, I collect old sayings.  One of my favorites is “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.”

If you excuse the lapse in grammar, you’ll see that this is true for most of us — even the best organized people.

This article makes a great point about how to prioritize your work — so that you are not only busy, you are productive.

I begin each day thinking about what I hope to accomplish that day.  Periodically throughout the day, I ask myself a simple question: “Is what I’m doing right now contributing to what I said I want to accomplish today?”

If the answer is “yes,”  I keep on doing what I’m doing.  If no, I get back to doing something that will help me accomplish what I set out to do in the morning.

Avoid the activity trap — stay productive by staying focused on your big priorities and the daily tasks that will help you accomplish them.

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