Avoid These Bad Work Habits

We all slip into bad habits every once in a while.  This slide show lays out nine bad habits that are success killers.


All of these are habits that can derail your career, and you should avoid them.  However, I believe the first one is a real success killer.

Always do more than is expected of you.  That’s the best way to get noticed by the people who count. Become willing to do things that others are unwilling to do – volunteering for difficult or distasteful assignments; meeting, or better yet, beating deadlines; helping out when others are falling behind; rehearsing your presentations out loud; proofreading your emails, not just relying on spell check; staying up-to-date on your company, your competitors and your industry, building relationships by doing willingly for others.

If you already do these kinds of things, bravo. You’re in the minority. Too many people do only what they have to. Successful people always go the extra mile.  They do the things others won’t.

Think for a minute. What are the kinds of things that you can do that go above and beyond, that demonstrate your commitment to your success, the success of your department, the success of your company? Make a list. Then go about doing these things regularly.

Take personal responsibility for your success.  Recognize that you are responsible for your life and career —  and the choices you make.  When you accept personal responsibility, you choose to whatever is necessary to create the life and career success you deserve.  You go way beyond doing the minimum.  You do what it takes to succeed.

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