Bad Habits Can Kill Your Career Succes

Your habits can really help you succeed — or they can derail your life and career success.  This article lists seven bad habits that you’ll want to break if you want to become truly successful.

For my money, the sixth habit — fearing failure — is one you really need to break if you’re going to succeed.

The other day I did a talk on self confidence for women aerospace engineers.  I focused on three things…

  • Choose to be optimistic
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Face your fears and act

Fear is a confidence — and success — killer.  It can paralyze you into inaction.  But fear is a common human emotion.  When it comes to careers most of us fear failure.  We worry that if we take on a big project or do something we’ve never done before we might fail.  The bad news is that this is true.  The good news is that most failures are only a temporary setback.

Here are four steps that I suggest to my career mentoring clients when they find themselves dealing with a situation that frightens them.

  1. Identify what you fear.  When it comes to their jobs and careers most people fear rejection and failure.
  2. Admit to what you fear.  It’s OK to say, “this frightens me.”
  3. Embrace your fear.  Fear is normal, it is human.  Don’t beat yourself up over your fears, embrace them.
  4. Take action.  Look your fears in the eye and say, “You’re not going to beat me.”

If you follow these four steps you’ll find that you’ll be able to overcome your fears and create the life and career success you deserve.

One last thing.  My career mentoring clients have heard this over and over.  Procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  When you find yourself  procrastinating ask a simple question, “What frightens me about this situation?”  The answer to that question will allow you to begin the four steps outlined above.

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