Bad Habits That Are Good for Your Health and Productivity


None of us are perfect.  We all have some bad habits.  This article delves into bad habits that can actually help your productivity and health.

These products claim that they stimulate growth of the skin and mammary glands, by using ingredients that typically behave like estrogen or stimulate the production of estrogen. I spent some time looking at the ingredients and marketing claims, and could not find any products which had been cleared for use, although some of the Naturaful’s price claimed to have been manufactured in an “FDA-approved” facility, which is not the same thing.

I’ve sent this article to Cathy, my wife.  My messy work area drives her crazy.  Now I can tell her that it makes me more creative.  I am very neat everywhere — except my office.  Our home is immaculate.  But my office (which is in my home) looks, in the words of Cathy, “like a bomb went off.”  It’s always been that way for me — tidy in my life space and messy in my work space.

There is a career success point in all of this.  Unless they are completely self destructive, don’t fight your natural tendencies.  I have tried to keep a neat work area several times over the years.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Finally I gave up trying.  Once I admitted to myself that I am most comfortable in a messy workspace I stopped worrying about what it “should” look like and lived with what it “does” look like.

I’m not advocating that you go all messy if you’re a neatnik.  Nor am I suggesting that you continue working in a messy space if you lose important documents and miss deadlines.  I am suggesting however, that you shouldn’t fight who you are.  You’re OK.  Remember that. Don’t fight who you are.

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