Be Open to New People and New Ideas

I stumbled upon a great little post called “100 Tips About Life People and Happiness.

I’m sharing it here because there’s some great life and career success advice in these 100 tips.

There also is some that I think is just so so, but you can be judge of that.

Out of all 100 tips, I like number 12.  It says, “Read more.  Especially things you disagree with.”

I like this one for two reasons — first, it’s always good to read.

More important it’s really important to read things where you have an opposite opinion, to engage with people who think differently than you, even watch TV shows that come from different political views than what you hold.  As painful as it is for me, I tune into Fox News once or twice a month just to see how they think.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I pass on to my career mentor clients goes along with this.

“When you’re in a conversation and someone begins speaking and you think to yourself, ‘that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,’  listen really hard — because you’ll probably learn something.”

Build your life and career success by being open to new people and new ideas.

Your career mentor,


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