Become a Dynamic Communicator in 2009

This is a blog about personal and professional success.   If you’ve read it in 2008 – and if you have, I thank you — you know that in my bestseller, Straight Talk for Success, I point out that successful people have five things in common:

1. Successful people are self confident.
2. Successful people create positive personal impact.
3. Successful people are outstanding performers.
4. Successful people are dynamic communicators.
5. Successful people are interpersonally competent.

As we begin 2009, I will do a brief recap of each of these.  Today’s focus is dynamic communication.

There are three keys to dynamic communication. 

1) You need to become an excellent conversationalist.  Listen more than you speak.  Show a genuine interest in other people and what they have to say.  Do what you can to help them reach their goals. 

2) You need to write in a clear, concise, easily readable style.  Write like you speak; imagine yourself in a conversation with the person reading your writing. 

3) Finally, you need to present well – to groups of two or 200.  All successful people have the ability to make dynamic presentations that move their audience to action.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow, I’ll post on interpersonal competence.  Thanks for reading. 


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