Become Interpersonally Competent in 2009

This is a blog about personal and professional success.   If you’ve read it in 2008 – and if you have, I thank you — you know that in my bestseller,Straight Talk for Success, I point out that successful people have five things in common:

1. Successful people are self confident.
2. Successful people create positive personal impact.
3. Successful people are outstanding performers.
4. Successful people are dynamic communicators.
5. Successful people are interpersonally competent.

As we begin 2009, I will do a brief recap of each of these.  Today’s focus is interpersonal competence.

Interpersonal competence is the final key to success. If you want to become interpersonally competent, you need to do three things.

1. Become self aware.  Understand yourself and your impact on others.  Use your self awareness to better understand others and to increase your influence with them.

2. Build solid, long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with other people.  Relationships are the key to long term success.  Treat other people with dignity and respect, and they will reciprocate.   

3. Finally, find ways to resolve conflicts with a minimal amount of problems and upset to relationships.  Conflict is inevitable in business and life.  Find ways to resolve conflict in a manner that enhances, not detracts from the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

That’s it for today.  Next week, I’ll resume my typical posting.  I will blog about one of the five keys to success every day, Monday through Friday.  On Monday, I blog about Self Confidence; Tuesday, Positive Personal Impact; Wednesday, Outstanding Performance; Thursday, Dynamic Communication; Friday, Interpersonal Competence. 

This week, I reviewed the basic ideas behind each key to success.  In the weeks to come, I will be using quotes and anecdotes to highlight these five ideas. 

I really appreciated all of your support and comments in 2008.  My goal for 2009 is to make this blog more interactive.  I want to turn it into more of a dialogue, where we can all share ideas.  Please add your thoughts to what I write.  Together we can become a very strong learning community.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I hope that 2009 brings you lots love peace, love health, happiness and prosperity.

Thanks for reading. 


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