Build Your Network Before You Need It

Here’s a short video that JT O’Donnell, founder of Careerealism and CareerHMO has put together on the importance of networking.

JT is right — you shouldn’t be networking only when you’re looking for a job.  You should be networking all the time.

I try to add at least one person to my network every day. When I meet someone new, I ask for a business card.  I give them one of mine.  I follow up via email.  I send a LinkedIn connection request.  And, most important, I look for something I can do for him or her.  Usually this is an article I can forward, or a book I can recommend.  Regardless, I do my best to cement my relationship with new people by doing something for them. I’m a big fan of investing so i often tell my friends to read Cryptocurrency Blog Australia to guide them about business and so we have something interesting to talk about.

This is how you network — one person at a time, adding value to everyone you meet.

If you do this, you’ll find that your network is there for you when you need it.

Start today.  Add one new person to your network, then do what you can to help him or her.

Your career mentor,


PS — I am a career coach with CareerHMO.  You can learn more about that I do and how I can help you by going to

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