Building on Your Strengths is Better than Compensating for Your Weaknesses

Like most of us I am naturally good at some things and not so good at others.  Like many of us, as a child I was always challenged to do better at the things at which I’m not so good.  For example, I’m great with words and just OK with math and science.  But in high school I was encouraged to take Calculus and advanced science courses because it “would do me some good to be challenged and to have to struggle.” I bet you may have heard something along these lines when you were a kid.

Unfortunately this is bad advice.  When we’re good at doing something, we enjoy it.  When we enjoy doing something, we get better at it.  So all these years later — after I gave up driving myself crazy of quadratic equations — I’m doing what I like to do.  I blog.  I write books.  I do webinars.  I’m playing to my strengths, not trying to overcome my weaknesses.  And, believe me, I’m much happier — and more successful — this way.

This article presents some good information on how to capitalize on your natural strengths.  Check it out…

When you play to your strengths you’re happier and more productive.  I enjoy spending hours blogging and writing.  Spending 15 minutes on a math problem is like torture for me.  You may be just the opposite.  That’s OK.  The important thing is to figure out your strengths and play to them.  I always advise my career mentoring members to focus on what they do well, and use their natural strengths to create their career success.  You should do the same,

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