Building Your Business as an Independent Contractor? Here’s What You Need to Succeed

This is another post for my readers who are interested in running their own business as an independent contractor.

When you start to build and grow your independent contractor business, it’s important to be strategic. Marketing, budgeting, and developing the portfolio to gain new clients are all essential components.

Use these tips to help develop your business and gain traction to improve profitability.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

When you start promoting yourself as a contractor, networking is everything. You can’t expect to gain clients through word of mouth. One of the best ways to reach out, show off your business, and gain new clients is through social media. A well-designed social media marketing strategy can show clients that you are legitimate and trustworthy.

Show off your portfolio, announce new deals and discounts, and network with other local businesses by using these platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

This type of advertising puts you directly in front of potential clients. They can interact easily with representatives by sending a direct message or commenting on your deals and posts. Each client who likes or shares your content is showing all of their online connections that they support your company. This will spread interest.

Harness the power of digital marketing to help your contractor services spread like wildfire.

Train to Get Your Contractor’s License

Gaining your license makes it easier for clients to trust that your services are legitimate. In some states, the license is mandatory. In others, contractors don’t need all the same licenses to practice as a contractor. Even in these scenarios, getting the license is important – it is what sets you apart from the crowd.

Get licensed fast by taking a training course. This way, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get your contractor’s license and start gaining clients.

Show Off Your Portfolio

One of the biggest mistakes that new contractors make is underutilizing their website. While it is the perfect place to list services, rates, and fees, it also offers helpful features.

Use menu tabs to allow clients to browse pictures and videos of your portfolio of work. Create a 3-D panoramic tour of prior projects so that they can see exactly the quality of work you provide.

To include all of this portfolio material on your website, you have to gather materials. With each project that you complete, be sure to document the work extensively. Consider investing in a camera with slightly better quality than you’d find on a smartphone. This way, you can upload high-quality images to boost your website’s professionalism. Potential clients will know the difference.

You can also include references from satisfied customers on your site in the form of enlarged quotes. Show off why your client base keeps coming back so that potential clients can see what they’re missing.

Create an Effective Business Plan

Without a business plan for growth, budget, and development, your business is at risk of fizzling out. The best way to build your contractor business effectively is to start with a well-thought-out plan. Collaborate with a local entrepreneur to help you create a business plan that maximizes profits and properly utilizes resources.

The Bottom Line

Starting out as an independent contractor opens up a whole new world of possibilities. To position yourself for the most dynamic growth and success, it is important to consider these tips in the initial months of building your business.

  • Utilize social media
  • Train for licensing
  • Gather documentation for your website’s portfolio
  • Work from an established business plan

With these simple 4 tips, you will grow your business faster and increase profits.

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