Business Meals Are Not About the Food

Today is Tuesday, so this post is on positive personal impact.

Business dining is the place where you can make a very positive impact – or a terrible one, depending on how you handle yourself.

I’ve come across the ultimate resource for brushing up on your table etiquette.  It’s a based training program call Executive Dining Etiquette, produced by my friend Diane Craig of Corporate Class Inc.  Diane really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to business etiquette – not just dining etiquette.

On the back cover of the cd, Diane promises that, “You can gain the look, the poise, and the power that is expected of people in the know.

The cd contains valuable information on things like:

  • How to be a gracious guest – or host.
  • The top five dining etiquette mistakes.
  • Place settings.
  • Three styles of eating: American, Continental and Japanese.
  • Toasting.
  • How to handle your knife and fork.
  • Napkin etiquette.
  • How to eat “difficult” foods.
  • How to handle the bill and gratuities.
  • The five types of business meals.

I think of myself as pretty much in the know on dining etiquette, but I learned a few things when I watched the cd.

As we enter this holiday season, you will be likely to be invited to a few business meals and celebrations.  The Executive Dining Etiquette cd can help you prepare for these occasions and handle them in a manner that helps you make a positive personal impact.

You can purchase the cd at

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