Career Advice From a Wannabe Artist Turned Entrepreneur

Caterina Fake is the Founder and CEO of Findery and the Chairman of the Board of Etsy.  She’s a huge player in the internet world.

She says, “I really wanted to be an artist and writer.  I took a career test at 14 and was absolutely crushed that it predicted ad executive.”  Despite this, things seemed to have worked out alright for her.

Here are her three best pieces of life and career success advice.

  • Get started with whatever you’ve got from wherever you are.
  • Build it.  Keep working at it.
  • Kids today are too goal oriented.  Random exploration is what makes really good creative thinkers.

I don’t like sweeping generalizations (i.e.  “kids today”), but Caterina has a point.  I always encourage my career mentoring clients to think broadly and to learn broadly.  Learn as much as you can about as many things as you can.  This knowledge will help you in surprising ways.  You’ll become a better problem solver by identifying analogous situations and focusing on what you learned from them.

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