Career Advice from a Woman Who Sells High Quality Tequila

Jenna Fagnan was born in Alaska, graduated from the Harvard Business School and sells tequila for a living.  Actually, she is the President of Avion Spirits, maker or Tequila Avion once voted the “World’s Best Tasting Tequila.”  My tequila drinking days are behind me, so I’ll have to take the work of the judges at the World Spirit Competition on that one.

Here are her three best pieces of life and career success advice.

  • Believe in others and they will run through anything to prove you right.
  • Don’t use committees for anything.
  • Listen, then go with your gut.

Her  first piece of advice is a great one — whether or not you’re in a leadership role.  Believing in others, encouraging them, helping them realize that they can do it is a great way to  build the solid relationships that will help you create the life and career success you want and deserve.  And, when you believe in others, they will believe in you and support you in achieving your dreams.

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