Career Advice from the CEO of the National Geographic Society

Your career mentor is always on the lookout for great career advice.  I found some in an interview with Gary Knell, CEO of National Geographic.

Here are his best three piece of life and career success advice…

  1. Disrupt yourself or you will be disrupted.
  2. One idea can change the world.
  3. Be prepared, have someone else’s back, and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

He’s right about disruption.  Things happen at a really fast pace these days.  You never know when your world might get turned upside down.  JT O’Donnell my friend and founder of Careerealism says it best — “Every job is temporary.”

But I really like what Gary has to say about being prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way.  Just the other day, I sent a stay in touch email to one of my longtime consulting clients.  She responded telling me that she had just received a promotion.  I asked who was taking her place in her old job.  She told me.  I got in touch with that person and was able to land a small consulting project helping him transition into his new role.

The opportunity was there, and I was able to take advantage of it.  Opportunities are every where.  You just have to look for them — and then take quick action to take advantage of them.

Your career mentor,


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