Career Advice From the Founder of Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a cool clothes brand created by Joe Mimran.  Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says, “Joe Fresh is the greatest Canadian import since Justine Bieber.”  Mr. Bloomberg is setting a low bar there, but you get the idea.

Mimran has been involved with the fashion industry since 1977 when he and his brother and mother opened Ms. Originals, later named Monaco Group.  Ralph Lauren acquired their company in 1999.

Here are his three best pieces of life and career success advice.

  • Love what you do.
  • Do a reality check about who your consumer is – too many young designers want a consumer who doesn’t exist.
  • Control your brand, control your destiny.

Pay attention to that third bit of advice — control your brand and you control your destiny.   Your personal brand differentiates you from everyone else in the world.  My brand is “The Common Sense Guy.” Because of my brand, my career mentoring clients know that they can rely on me to provide them with common sense advice that will help them reach their life and career success goals. They also know that they will get this advice in a straightforward, easy to understand and apply manner, because after all, I’m just a guy.

You need to spend time crafting your brand. Your brand is the two or three words you want people to associate with you. Decide what you want these words to be, and then go about making sure that all of the people with whom you come into contact think of you that way.  Once you nail down your brand, you need to constantly and consistently do things that reinforce it.

Do this and you’ll control your brand, and you’ll control your destiny.

Your career mentor,


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