Career Risks Worth Taking

I remember the day I decided that I decided to leave my well paid secure job with a Fortune 50 company and head out on my own.  It was March 20, 1988.  Quite a few of my friends asked if I understood the risk I was taking.  I did, and was sure that it was risk worth taking.  Things worked out quite well.  I was glad I took the risk.

This article discusses five career risks that you might regret not taking….

The second risk — apologize for a huge mistake you made — really hit home with me.  When I was beginning to build my consulting practice, I made a huge mistake.  I repeated some gossip about someone in one of my client organizations.  As these things usually go, the person who was the target of the gossip heard what I said.

It was an embarrassing situation for me — and while it had no negative impact on him, it was not the right thing to do.

I said, “I want to apologize for repeating that piece of gossip about you.  As I’ve thought about it, I doubt if it’s true — and even if it is — it wasn’t my place to repeat it.  I’m truly sorry for what I did and I promise you I will never do it again.”

There was a brief awkward silence.  Then he said, “You don’t have to apologize.”

I said, “Yes I do.  What I did was wrong.  I’m deeply sorry that I did it.”

That guy is now one of my best friends and he has given me at least half a million dollars of business over the years.  Our friendship began the day I apologized.  I could have swept my indiscretion under the rug.  It was difficult to look him in the eye and admit my misstep, but I’m glad I did — and not just because of the business he’s thrown my way.

Apologizing for a serious mistake or misstep can be hard to do.  But, as the article points out, it is a risk well worth taking.

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