Career Success Advice — Surround Yourself with Positive People

Self confidence is an important key to creating the life and career success you want and deserve.  I always tell my career success coach clients that there are three keys to becoming self confident: 1) Choose to be optimistic, 2) Face your fears and act, and 3)Surround yourself with positive people.

Tweets 49 and 50 in my career advice book Success Tweets say, “Surround yourself with positive people.  Hold them close.  They will give you energy and help you create the career success you deserve.” (49)  “Jettison the negative people in your life.  They are energy black holes.  They will suck you dry; but only if you let them.”  (50)

“Good career advice,” you might say, “but how do I figure out exactly who are the positive and negative people in my life?”

Robin Harpe my friend and a career coach in Florida has provided a great resource to help you answer that question.  Below, you’ll find 20 questions you can ask yourself about anybody you know.  You might be surprised by how well some of the people you consider to be positive and supportive fare under this type of scrutiny.

Here are Robin’s 20 questions for determining exactly who are the positive and negative people in your life…

  1. Do they return your phone calls, emails?
  2. Do they honor their commitment to you?
  3. Do they do what they say they will do?
  4. Do they send you information, give you things that will help you without you asking?
  5. Do you get things from them without continually have to ask over and over for then?
  6. Do they ask questions that show they have been actively listening?
  7. Do they only talk about themselves?
  8. Do they always ask for favors, and then disappear when you have a need?
  9. Do they demand things of you, giving off the impression they are better than you?
  10. Do they apologize when they are wrong?
  11. Do they blame everyone else, never accepting responsibility for their part?
  12. Do they talk a good game but no follow through?
  13. Do they accept total responsibility for everything?
  14. Do they speak about themselves in third person?
  15. Do they constantly say, “I could never do that”?
  16. Do they constantly say, “I wish _____”?
  17. Do they tell the same stories, over and over and over – nothing new?
  18. Do those stories come from the glory days of their life?
  19. Do they talk positively or negatively?
  20. Do they subscribe to WOW customer service by giving you more value, and going out of their way and way above what you expected?

I like these questions.  My thanks to Robin for blogging about them.

The career success coach point here is simple common sense.  You have to be self confident to create the life and career success you want and deserve.  Surrounding yourself with positive people is an important confidence booster.  Positive people will lift you.  Negative people will drag you down.  Use the 20 questions above to help you figure out exactly who the positive and negative people in your life are.  Choose to hang around with positive, upbeat people and you’ll be on your way to the life and career success you want and deserve.

That’s my career advice on identifying the positive people in your life.  What do you think?  Please take a minute to share your thoughts in a comment.  As always, thanks for reading my daily thoughts on life and career success.  I value you and I appreciate you.


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