Career Success Lessons From the 2014 Election

There are very few things I can say with absolute certainty, but here is something I know for sure.  At some point you will fail.  It may be a small failure or a real crash and burn — like the one described in the article below.  But, make no mistake about it.  You will fail.–tms–fmoneyctnoc-a20141109-20141109-story.html

The secret of success is using failure as a springboard.  Failure is an opportunity to begin again.  To try something new.  To move forward in a different direction.

But you can do this only if you are willing to take a look at the reasons why you failed and learn something from them.

The common sense message here is simple.  Choose to learn from your mistakes, setbacks and failures.  There is valuable information there — but only if you are willing to look for it.

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