Career Success: Tweet #55

Career Success Tweet #55Several years ago when she was Secretary of State, Madeline Albright delivered the commencement address at Wellesley College.  She concluded her remarks by saying, “Congratulations, good luck, and remember to always sit up straight.”  Great career advice if you ask me.

Good posture not only makes you appear to be self-confident, it helps your self-confidence.  When you stand or sit up straight, other people see you as confident, ethical, straightforward, awake, alert and alive – a winner.

I turned on one of the games in the recent NBA Finals a couple of weeks ago.  It was late in the game, and they were showing the benches.  I knew who was winning just by looking at the players and coaches.  The Lakers were winning that game.  They were sitting straight and had big smiles on their faces.  The Celtics, on the other hand, were slumped down on their bench.  The contrast was striking.  Winners sit and stand up straight.

In the post on Success Tweet 53, I mentioned Debra Benton’s book, Executive Charisma.  Debra has some things to say about good posture too…

“Good posture shows confidence, vitality, discipline and youthfulness.  Slumped posture implies fright, insecurity, lack of self-acceptance or self control, lack of self discipline, a loser, sheepishness, shame and guilt.  To stand tall and straight is to have a demeanor that says, ‘I expect acceptance.’”

I don’t know about you, but I prefer others to think of me as confident, vital and disciplined; not a frightened, insecure, shameful loser.

Debra offers the following advice on how to stand and sit tall and straight…

“Lift up, suck in and breathe.  Whether you’re sitting or standing, for good posture: 1) pull yourself up by lifting your rib cage away from your pelvis; 2) roll your shoulders back and down; 3) pull your stomach in at the belly button toward your spine; 4) breathe; and 5) maintain the posture and keep breathing… Don’t just read these recommendations and think ‘It’s not that important,’ or ‘I do it fine already,’ or ‘I’ll try it later.’  Stop right now and take yourself through these movements.”

The common sense career success coach point here is simple.  Successful people have good posture.  They follow the advice in Tweet 55 in Success Tweets.  “Stand or sit up straight.  Don’t slouch.  Your mother was right.  Good posture is important.  It makes you look self-confident.”  This is important career advice.  Your vibe tells people a lot about you.  When you slouch, you give off a defeated, unconfident vibe.  When you sit up and stand up straight, you give off a winner’s vibe – that of a confident, poised successful person.

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