Career Success: Tweet #7

Career Success Tweet #7In this post, I’d like to tell you a story about a young woman who has figured out what she wants to do and is really going after it.

Morgan O’Reilly is my niece.  I love her dearly.  Ever since I can remember, Morgan has been interested in houses and decorating.  I remember her visiting Cathy and me when she was about 12.  She wanted to explore Denver’s neighborhoods; she was very interested in the different types of houses and how prices varied from neighborhood to neighborhood.  I remember telling her that she should get into real estate.

Morgan graduated from high school and enrolled at Florida State where she studied fashion merchandising.  After graduation she got a job as an assistant buyer with a large and profitable retailing chain.  She got a couple of promotions and was doing quite well.  She was moving up the ladder there.

But she wasn’t happy.  Not only did she not love her work, she came to dislike it.

She decided that she needed to change careers.  She thought about what she really loves, and it turned out to be houses and decorating.  She concluded that real estate was a good fit for her.  Unfortunately, real estate is a tough 100% commission business.  That’s the reason why Morgan didn’t get into it right out of college.

But this time, she decided that real estate was the right career for her.  She discussed it with her husband Aaron, and together they decided that they could forgo her salary for several months.  She interviewed and got a job with Keller Williams, a large national real estate firm.  She took a certification exam prep course and nailed the practice exam.  In fact, she got a hundred – excuse this uncle’s bragging.  She passed the Florida state licensing exam – they don’t give scores to people who pass, so she doesn’t know how well she did.  I’m sure she passed by a wide margin.

When Morgan resigned her job with the retailer, they offered her a promotion.  She didn’t even think twice about turning it down.  She is starting her career in real estate.  She isn’t looking back.

As a career success coach – and her uncle – I say, “Good for you, Morgan.  You’ve found a career you love, and you’re putting all of your heart and soul into it.  I’m proud of you.”

Morgan is working in the Jacksonville Beach, FL area.  If you, or anyone you know is interested in buying property there, get in touch with her at  Tell her I sent you.

The common sense career success coach point is simple.  Remember Tweet 7 in Success Tweets when you are thinking about your life’s purpose and work.  “Figure out what you really want to do.  Work you love will make it easier to create the life and career success you want and deserve.”  Work you love doesn’t seem like work.  It is enjoyable and fun.  Morgan O’Reilly, my niece, recently made a career change.  She went from being a buyer with a large national retailer to a career in real estate.  She didn’t like retailing.  She loves real estate – especially matching buyers and houses.  Since she made this move within the month, it’s too early to tell how well she’ll do.  However, from her enthusiasm, and perfect score on the licensing exam practice test, I’m sure she’s going to kick some serious butt.

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