Careers That Make Our World a Better Place

Do you want a career that not only earns you a living but also gives you a true sense of accomplishment? If so, you’re likely someone who wants to help others and make a positive difference in society. You can’t fix every problem, but you can certainly make an impact on your community. Here are four careers that make the world a better place.

Social work

There are many reasons for people to feel marginalized by society. These include being impoverished, having a mental illness and drug addiction. As a social worker, you can become an advocate for those who society might have forgotten about. You can expect to have a wide variety of clients, from children to the elderly. You also get the chance to greatly show your sense of empathy as you work with different people with different problems to show there’s no challenge too big for you to help with.


We will always need doctors, and the better trained they are, the better. As we learn more and more about the human body and the best way to treat it, we find our international community much better off. It is thanks to medical professionals like Doctors and Nurses that we can treat illnesses that would previously kill us easily. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, X-ray technician or something else, the medical field is all about improving lives and improving the world.


You might think that a government job is too ambitious, that it means being a senator or congressperson. However, you can work for the government on a local level and make a difference. Through your local government, you can work to influence policy that makes your community a better place. This can drive more positive change slowly but surely. Before you know it, your efforts could make a lasting impact.

Criminal Justice

If you desire to make the world safer and find the root of societal problems of violence and crime, then you should consider a career in criminal justice. As a police officer, FBI agent or US Marshal, you could play a pivotal role in law enforcement. There are also careers like forensics that allow you to examine criminal behavior through a scientific means. This is a field that’s all about dedication to justice. If that sounds appealing to you, consider looking into an online masters in criminal justice. A degree like that would help you get your foot in the door anywhere in this field.

We hope this has given you a great idea of altruistic professions. If you strive for work that is meaningful and important, we urge you to look into these careers.


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