Things to Consider When Applying to College

This is a post for my young readers... It's finally time to take the next big step into your academic career – COLLEGE! Getting to this point is a huge accomplishment, and you should celebrate it. Applying to college can be very overwhelming. Where to go ... [Continue Reading]

200 Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good”

Do you find yourself using the word "good" all the time? Good concept, good suggestions, good strategy, etc.? While this may seem efficient, varying your descriptors can add life to a sentence or phrase. Take a look at this infographic for 200 powerful words ... [Continue Reading]

What to Wear at Work

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Retirement Savings Advice for Young Professionals

Using a Rental Property to Fund Your Retirement Choosing to place your money in real estate investments has proven to be a wise choice for many investors, and its ability to appreciate over the years has made it an enticing choice over the traditional stock ... [Continue Reading]