Small Business Marketing With Facebook and Viber

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How Managers Can Navigate the Frozen Middle

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How Managers Can Navigate the Frozen Middle

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Expert Tips for Passing Certification Exams

Many occupations require passing a certification exam to get or maintain a license. These exams can be very stress inducing. Never fear my friends at JW Surety Bonds have prepared a great infographic on preparing for certification exams. Check it out. . ... [Continue Reading]

How to Explain Gaps in Your Employment History

Many of my coaching clients ask me how to explain gaps in employment on their resumes or in interviews. The graphic below will help you do just that. ... [Continue Reading]

Advice from Realtors on Selling Your House

I sometimes get a little off topic on this career success blog.  Today, I'm posting an infographic about how to successfully sell your house.  Your house is likely to be your single biggest investment.  Therefore, it makes sense to get the most out of it when ... [Continue Reading]

When a Bunch of Side Hustles Becomes Your Main Hustle

For many of us it's a gig economy these days. In some ways, that's good news -- there's the freedom that comes with working at what you want when you want. On the other hand, gig work comes with a lot of uncertainties. Luckily, my friends at Zen Business ... [Continue Reading]

Podcasts to Help You Stay Calm in These Difficult Times

How are you doing these days? A little stressed out with the Coronavirus and social distancing. My friends at are feeling the same way too. So they've put together a list of podcasts that can help reduce you stress and get you into a calm ... [Continue Reading]

Feel as if You Don’t Have Enough Free Time? Check This Out

I came across an interesting article on free time the other day.  I'm posting a link to it here.  You might want to check it out. ... [Continue Reading]

Making the Most of Social Media

My friends at Zoho have created an interesting infographic on making the most of your social media.  This graphic is especially useful for those of you who are, or want to be, entrepreneurs. It is also useful as a career management tool.  Increasingly, it's ... [Continue Reading]