Climb the Ladder! Here’s How to Get the Promotion You Deserve

No one likes to stand still in their career.  But promotions can be elusive.  Here are some tips to help you get the promotion you want.

Continue Your Education

One of the best ways to obtain the promotion that you want is by continuing your education. This strategy is empowering because it shows your employer that you’re willing to gain knowledge and expand your skill set in order to operate more effectively in the work setting. Luckily, there are now a wide range of online educational programs that you can enroll in, such as an online business administration degree program. These programs will oftentimes enable you to study and take exams when it is convenient for you, thereby ensuring that your work schedule is not interrupted.

Be a Team Player

In addition to continuing your education, make sure that you become a team player. A team player is an individual who maintains positive interactions with other employees and works with them to accomplish company-related goals. Being a team player helps expedite and optimize the completion of work-related tasks while also decreasing the likelihood of a hostile work environment. As noted in Monster, there are several strategies you can implement to become a team player. Some of them include:

  • Meet your deadlines.
  • Be candid.
  • Adapt quickly.
  • Appreciate the work styles of other people.
  • Never gossip.

Have One-On-One Meetings with Your Boss

If you’re serious about earning a promotion, make sure that you’re having regular one-on-one meetings with your boss. This strategy is important because it gives you an opportunity to ensure that you and your boss are on the same page regarding your roles and responsibilities. Meeting with your boss regularly also helps you maintain good rapport and diffuse any tension that might result from any unaddressed issues. Also know that regularly meeting with your boss can empower you to learn when a new position in the company is going to become available.

Ask For a Promotion

According to Business News Daily, you should let your supervisor know that you’re interested in taking on a bigger role within the company. If you don’t share this information with your boss, she or he will not know that you’d like to get a promotion. Even if you are not given a promotion immediately, your boss may keep you in mind when a position becomes available. You may also be given more responsibilities which will qualify you to attain a promotion later.

Put these strategies to work and you’ll be on your way to getting the promotion you want and deserve.

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