Considering the Expatriate Life? Think China

As a country that started out battling extreme poverty, China has been able to completely turn the tide by the end of this decade and is rapidly rising to become a potential world superpower. This has earned China the admiration and envy of its peers, and China has been hailed as an exemplar for all developing or underdeveloped countries to imitate. Because of this, China is currently a very advantageous country to build your fortunes in as an expatriate.

If the expatriate life appeals to you, this article will give you reasons why China should be on top of your list of countries to work in and visit.

How to Get Started on Your Journey to Becoming an Expatriate

Before we jump into the list of exciting opportunities waiting out there for you as an expatriate worker in China, let’s look at the visa point system for work permit in China. A points-based immigration system is a scoring system to help determine the eligibility of an non-citizen to immigrate into and work for the country.

In China, the ranking system consists of 3 basic positions:

●     Rank A: top level talent (85 points),

●     Rank B: professional talent (60-85 points), and

●     Rank C: unskilled workers (less than 60 points)

If you want to know how to determine your score and understand the procedure behind how to legally live in and work for a Chinese company, head to the hyperlink above.

Reasons Why China is Great for Expatriate Workers

China has been historically referred to as “The Middle Kingdom” because the Chinese believed that they were at the center of the world. Although this is far from the truth, this phrase metaphorically holds some truth to it due to the phenomenal economic growth and relevance of China today.

Attached to this current high status of China comes the following benefits:

1.  Earn Well and Rise through the Ranks

China’s GDP maybe facing a bit of a stump, but it is still very high as it holds the rank of the country with the second highest GDP in the world. Currently, the economy is booming, jobs are steadily on the rise, and opportunities lurk at every corner. Skilled foreign labor is also highly prized and well compensated for. Combine this with the low cost of living, and your overall disposable income will be on the rise.

Furthermore, Chinese companies are also intensely competitive, seeking new ways to leave their often global competitors in the dust. If you have experience in any particular sector from your home country, your employer may promote you so you can help guide your company on the path to becoming a formidable competitor.

2.  Live an Opulent Lifestyle

In the USA, the average cost of living totals to a whopping $2,565 per month for a single person. On the other hand, the average cost of living in China is just $750 per month for a single person. These costs are even lower if you live away from the major cities.

You can also enjoy the delights of China such as its beautiful sights and the cuisine for as little as $1,988 per month. This is much less than what you would pay in other countries. Thus, with these low prices and a free budget template, you can easily live out a life of indulgence, comfort, and luxury.

3.  Acquire One of the Most Spoken Languages in the World

About 917 million, or 1 in 6 people around the world speak Mandarin Chinese. It is also one of the most challenging languages for English speakers to grasp. Moreover, in China, you will need Mandarin to get by, even for the smallest things such as asking for directions, because Chinese people don’t speak much English.

Despite these problems, such a situation presents you with the opportunity to practice Mandarin as you learn along the way. With increasing practice, you will eventually become a fluent speaker.

If you work in a corporate environment or own a business, learning Mandarin may help you build connections with the increasing number of successful Chinese business companies that you will have to interact with down the line.

4.  Experience an Ancient, Vibrant Culture

Chinese culture is rich with folklore, traditions, rituals, and more than four millennia of history. If you are a Chinese culture enthusiast, no place is better for learning about its culture than the actual country itself. No amount of books will prepare you for the grand adventure that awaits you if you don’t already know how fascinating this culture is.

Sichuan pork, hotpot, shrimp with vermicelli and garlic, dumplings, and more are popular foods you see even in America. However, when cooked by the hands of an experienced Chinese chef, they bring you a world of flavor you wouldn’t even know existed.

5.  Interact with an Exciting Group of People

Chinese society is a collectivist one where community is valued above all else. The Chinese are friendly, welcoming, and eager to help when anyone is in need. Despite these virtues, it is necessary to follow the proper etiquette when interacting with the locals as this might help you earn their esteem and trust faster.

Don’t forget to learn some Chinese phrases before you engage someone in a conversation. It is rude to assume that everyone speaks English as well as you do, especially in a foreign country, and you might also end up making the other person uncomfortable if they don’t speak any English.

6.  Enjoy the Various Sights across the Country

Whether you want the glam and glitz of a city or the quiet and lush greenery of the countryside, China has it all. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Hangzhou and its West Lake, Yangshuo in South China, Shanghai City, The Great Wall of China, Hong Kong, and Beijing are some of the most popular locations to visit across the country. These scenic areas are a sight to behold and are sure to blow away your mind.

If you intend to work in China, use this as an opportunity to visit these breathtaking locales and make memories along the way.

7.   Make Your CV More Attractive

As we have already mentioned before, China wields significant influence over global businesses in various sectors. By acquiring Chinese language skills and experience working with Chinese businesses, you can turn your resume into a very attractive one that is sure to get you hired whenever you are in need of a job. The experience and skills you earn along the way will be the ladder you can use to get the job of your dreams and climb up the ranks.

8.  Build Connections

Some of the biggest global businesses have been born in China. Through their highly educated workforce and great technology, the Chinese are at the forefront of the business world in various sectors. Each of these industries have influential and skilled people that cannot only give you that much needed boost up the career ladder but also teach you invaluable skills to ensure that your projects will be a success. While you are there, take the time to know these people and ask for help whenever you need it.

9.  Explore within a Highly Safe Environment

China is a relatively safe place to explore its various delights, so you can relax and enjoy yourself while you are there. Keep in mind that like in every other place, you will draw attention.

Hence, stay alert to your surroundings and avoid being near shady places to prevent being targeted. Foreigners are mostly the victims of petty crimes, such as theft or pickpocketing, so it is best to stay on your guard and ensure that your valuables are secure.

10.             Become Independent and Confident

You may have always had the comfort of close friends, family, and  neighbours around you. While such a thing is necessary in the lives of all people, you should still take the opportunity to experience what it is like to be on your own once in your lifetime. This builds your independence and confidence, which are two major traits that will help you grow as a person.

11.             Visit Major Asian Cities Closeby

If you are deeply enamoured with all of East Asia as well, China has got you covered. From Beijing, travel north-west for an hour to the spectacular city of Seoul, South Korea, or head west for three hours to visit the delights of Tokyo, Japan.

You can also journey for four hours southwards to Manila, Philippines or Bangkok, Thailand. And if Singapore has your heart, just travel five hours southwards to multicultural heaven.


Your heart may long for a whole new world to discover, and with all the reasons given here, it’s not hard to see why China might be the land where your dreams finally come true. We are sure that by giving your work your all, you can live the life you have always desired.


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