Consistency and Constancy are the Keys to Building Your Personal Brand

I tell members of my career mentoring site that a strong personal brand is important for their life and career success.  I make branding pretty simple…

  1. Figure out how you want others to think of you.
  2. Consistently and constantly act in a manner that will get them to think that way.

William Arruda is a friend of mine and an expert in personal branding.  Recently he published a post that listed several personal branding questions to ask yourself at the end of every day.  Check it out…

William’s first question, “Did I leave my mark on every meeting I attended — making contributions to the discussion to add value?” gets at the heart of my ideas on branding.  You make your mark in a meeting by consistently and constantly acting in a manner that reinforces your brand.

For example, if you want to brand yourself as hard working, volunteer for assignments that come up in a meeting.  If you want to brand yourself as creative, offer lots of interesting ideas during brainstorming sessions.  If you want to brand yourself as a team player, credit other people for their contributions.

It’s not that hard once you figure out what you want your brand to be.  I want people to associate the words “common sense” with me.  That’s why I do my best to cut to the heart of the matter and offer straightforward constructive ideas.  I write this blog to enhance my common sense brand.  I hope that you find the ideas here to be common sense and constructive — things that you can add to your repertoire immediately.

Your brand is important.  That’s why you need to work at it all the time.  Be consistent and constant in how you present yourself and you’ll do fine.

Your career mentor,


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