Courtesy and Interpersonal Competence

Today is Friday, so this post is on interpersonal competence.

On Wednesday, I mentioned the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Yesterday and Today e newsletter.  I focused on a quote about achieving your goals through stick-to-it-iveness.  However, courtesy was the main focus of that edition.

Simple, common courtesy is a key component of becoming an interpersonally competent person.  In part, the post (an excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s writings) read:

  • “Courtesy is the outward sign of a person’s attitude toward other people.  Through it, you can demonstrate your obedience to the commandment —  ‘that ye love one another.’  And with it, you show the respect, esteem and appreciation you hold for those with whom you come in contact.

    “More important, you demonstrate your respect for yourself.  Politeness is the ritual by which courtesy is expressed.  Its standards and modes – the bowing and curtsying and hat-tipping — vary from year to year and from country to country.

    “But the standards of courtesy itself never change.  They are constant and unfailing.  What has all this to do with you and your dreams of success?

    “Through courtesy, you demonstrate your level of civilization and culture.  Only the most advanced, the most civilized and cultured persons have a right to consider themselves qualified to lead others.

    “Politeness and courtesy – far from being a mark of servility – show that you have thoughtfulness and concern for the high value and worthwhileness of every person you meet.”

I once read somewhere that “etiquette is easy – do whatever it takes to make the other person feel comfortable.”  That’s what courtesy is all about – making other people feel worthwhile and comfortable.

The common sense point here is simple.  Napoleon Hill is right.  Courtesy never goes out of style.  Demonstrating your concern for every person you meet is a good way to become known as an interpersonally competent person.  It will allow you to build strong relationships that will help you succeed in your life and career.

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