Cover Letters That Get You Interviews

Your resume won’t get you a job.  Neither will your cover letter.  But both of these are important job search tools because well written resumes and cover letters will get you interviews.  And interviews are where you nail down the job you want.

This article presents some great advice on writing compelling cover letters.

Too many cover letters are boring.  That’s why you need to make yours interesting.  Do something to gain the attention of the hiring manager.

One of my coaching clients was looking for a job as a Safety professional in a manufacturing organization.  He began his cover letter talking about his experience on an aircraft carrier.  He described how launching and landing jets is a dangerous business, but that there are very few accidents on aircraft carriers.  He told how this influenced his decision to become a Safety professional. It was a great story, full of vivid language.  It led to several interviews and a job offer.

Another of my clients was applying for social media positions.  The problem was that he was living in Southern California and wanted to move to South Carolina.  He put together a cover letter that began with a story about the first time he met one of his Twitter followers in person.  This story highlighted his social media experience, and it allowed him to discuss how that meeting made him a better social media pro.  He told me that his new employer — in South Carolina — told him that his cover letter was so good that he immediately became the leading candidate for the job.  The interview became a formality.

While your resume and cover letter won’t get you a job — you have to do that by interviewing well.  They will help you land interviews — and that’s a major step forward in your job search.

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