How to Deal With Workplace Stress

Feeling stressed at work? It’s not just you.  As a whole, the US workforce is working longer hours than ever before. This brings a lot of physical and mental stress. Colds, muscular tension, physiological ailments, and digestive problems are some of the most common symptoms that indicate that you are stressed.

So what can be done about stress at the workplace? Do we just learn to live with it? Do we let it ruin our physical and mental health?

The answer is no. There are a lot of ways in which you can lower the affects of the stress you encounter at work. To begin, let’s take a look at of the leading factors that cause stress. For many of us, the prime stresser at work is their boss. Not all bosses are god bosses.

You might be new at your current job and finding it difficult to fit in. It takes time to adjust to a new job.  You need to try to connect with your colleagues, meet them over the weekend or make lunch plans with a couple of them. This will allow you to understand how things work at your new workplace for you to act accordingly.

You could be stressed because you are a victim of bullying or harassment. Don’t tolerate this type of behavior.  Report it to your HR Department.  If you don’t call out bullying behavior, you are actually  encouraging bullies to keep up what they have been doing.

If you are facing any type of workplace stress, you need to check out this infographic from Armstrong Appointments to learn about other stressers at the work and how to tackle them.  You might also like this article from my friends at Corn on the Job.



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