Dedicate One Week Per Quarter to Managing Your Career

I advise members of my career mentoring site that it’s always a good idea to keep their eyes open for new career opportunities.  In today’s fast paced business world you never know what is around the next corner, so it pays to be geared up and ready to move quickly into job search mode.

This article lays out seven things to do — one each day for a week — to make sure that you are hireable.

I like this approach.  Doing one small thing every day for a week is not too difficult.  I suggest doing this exercise once a quarter, or four times a year.  That way you’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities that come your way and to quickly recover from any unexpected negative turns of events.

The advice for Tuesday is to help someone else land a great gig.  This is something you should do as often as you can, not just once a quarter.  In my blog post last Friday, I suggested that you think of networking as making friends.  Friends help out one another.  Helping a friend land a sweet gig is satisfying in and of itself.  It also has a secondary benefit — friends who you’ve helped will be very likely to want to help you when the time comes.  Don’t wait to help friends with their careers, do so willingly and as often as you can.

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