Deluded? Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things

Recently, I did a blog post for entitled Deluded?  Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things.  Here is how it began….

The other day I saw the movie Before Midnight.

If you like dialogue and character development movies, it’s a great flick.  It takes an unflinching look at relationships: the bad, the mundane and the good.

Ethan Hawke is the male lead.  At one point, he utters a line that has little to do with the movie plot and a whole to do with life and career success.

As he and his wife are wandering a picturesque Greek town he says, “Sometimes I think you have to be deluded to stay motivated.”

I love this line.  It gets at the difficulty in taking personal responsibility for your life and career.

Sometimes we all seem to be delusional when we follow our life and career success dreams.

But as Ethan Hawke’s character notes, sometimes it will seem as if your persistence makes you feel as if you are delusional.

You’ll run into lots of problems and setbacks on the road to your life and career success; some big, some small, all frustrating…

You can read the rest of the post here.

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