Have the Courage to Go After What You Want

I love career success stories.  I really love career success stories that share an idea that is easy to implement.

The article below is one of those…


I agree that it took courage to approach a CEO and offer to work for him for three months for free.

But I think that there is a bigger point here.  It’s about empowering yourself.  Take the time to identify the companies where you want to work.  Then find and connect with people in those companies.  Let them know that you want to work with them.  This puts you in charge of your job search.  This is empowering.  You’re being proactive.  You’re in charge.

This is the exact opposite of searching job boards and sending resumes to all of the companies who have jobs that you might be able to do.

Take a lesson from the story in this article.  Take charge of your job search by identifying the companies where you want to work.  Find ways to connect with them.  When you connect be prepared to show them why you’re the best choice.

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