Do You Have to Go to College to Become a Financial Expert?

Going to an expensive college is a luxury not everybody can afford. Sure, you may be able to go and study in an expensive school, but by the end of it, you’re left with so much debt that you have to start jobs that didn’t require degrees in the first place.

For example, what are some of the degrees that require quite a lot of investment, but can’t give returns quick enough? Careers in Finance, Law, and Medicine are amazing, both income wise and work wise. They all contribute to society in some way but could be very hard to get into. What I mean here is that there are not many companies out there who are willing to hire fresh graduates in these fields and give them a good salary. Because of this preference some of these graduates have to opt for part-time jobs that they could have gotten even without the degrees.

But one of the hardest industries to find a job in is Finance, as it requires years of experience and knowledge. So what will happen to you if you don’t want to go to college but are really interested in a job in Finance? Let’s discuss that.

The Home-Based Segment of Trading

When you think about a job in Finance, you imagine people in expensive suits, eating hot dogs and drinking coffee next to the bull statue at wall street. Sure there may be some of the best-paid people you can find enrolled in a Financial career, but the majority of people involved in Finance are doing it from home.

You see there’s a difference. There’s the professional trader and the home-based one. The professional trader is paid to do other people’s trades, and the home-based one does his own. So you may think what’s the difference? Well if you check the real reviews here you’ll see how these two segments are able to operate.

The people in suits that you see on wall street are most of the times employees of a large brokerage or a financial institution, ones responsible for the trades that happen every day, be them Forex or stocks. And the success stories you find about traders are the ones sitting at home in their pajamas and looking at charts all day.

Is it Better to Go to College or Stay at Home?

Back to the question at hand, do you have to be a College graduate to become a Financial expert? No, definitely not, but it would definitely add some credibility to your name. However, spending some years on trading non-stop will in most cases make you more knowledgeable than the guys you’d see on TV talking about the next crash. The difference between them and a self-taught expert in the time they’ve used actually taking part in the activity. Most of the times the TV guy bases his analysis on the past and how the market reacts, and the self-taught one bases his analysis on his experience that he got from various trades and brokers. Once you click for Forex brokers reviews and ratings you’ll find quite a lot of information about trading in general, finding a good broker and sticking with them. This is the strategy that the most successful self-taught traders use, so it would be a good idea to copy them a bit. There’s no shame in it, copying a successful person is way better than having to deal with multiple failures. Especially when the info is disclosed and publicly available.


As you can see, many successful traders were able to get to where they are through years of experience. Even though they didn’t have the boost of a college degree, they managed to invest their way to the top and become the most well-regarded people in the financial industry. So, do you need a college degree? No, definitely not if you just want to trade and become a professional that way. But, if you want a job at wall street, then yes a degree will definitely help.

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