Do You Know How You Come Across to Other People?

In an attempt at making my career mentor site as helpful as possible, I’ve been researching the most common reasons why people don’t get promoted.  I went to my C Suite clients and asked them for the biggest reasons they see why qualified people don’t get promoted.  Lack of self awareness came up over and over again.

This article lists the warning signs that you might be unaware of your impact on others…

I agree.  You never want to come across as threatening, preaching, judging, ridiculing or diagnosing.  More important, you should never say, “I was just kidding.”  Don’t say it if it isn’t true.

The important point here is to make sure you understand how your behavior comes across to other people.  Do the things that will get other people to think of you as helpful and supportive.

A quick story to end this update…

One of my coaching clients is a plant manager in a large (1,500 person) pharmaceutical plant.  He told me that when he concentrates he tends to frown.  On his trips through the plant, he says that he listens hard and concentrates on what production workers are telling him.  Unfortunately, many of these people thought he was unhappy with them.  This wasn’t true, he was just concentrating on what they were telling him.  One woman said, “We feel like you look.”  Now he does his best to keep a smile on his face as he interacts with the people who work for him.

People are affected by how you look and act.  Be aware of your impact on others.  Do your best to have them see you in a positive light.

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