Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

You work hard to land interviews — researching companies and jobs, networking your way into companies, polishing up your resume.  So it’s important that you do a good job once you show up for an interview.

This article lists five things that drive interviewers crazy.

While all five are things to avoid in an interview, in my opinion the most important is making the interview all about what’s in it for you.  The author is right on when she says…

“When you bust out with an immediate litany of WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) questions, you look both arrogant and, frankly, unappealing.

“Of course you want to know what the benefits are, how much vacation you get, and if you get a cell phone, company car, and corner office. But in the early interview stages, all the hiring managers and HR people really care about is what you can do for them. This is a business they are running, not a club.

“Making you happy will be important if they want you, but you’re not even going to get to that stage if you make your list of demands clear too early.”

The time to discuss things like benefits, vacation, cell phones etc. is after your get the offer, not in a first interview.  Until you have a firm offer you need to demonstrate what you can do to help the company.  Once you have the offer, you can negotiate for the little perks you want.

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