Don’t Sabotage Yourself With Toxic Thoughts

I often tell my career mentoring clients that we are often our own worst enemy.  We sabotage ourselves with toxic thoughts.  This article lists six  toxic ways of thinking that can hold you back from achieving the life and career success you deserve.

All of these thoughts can be detrimental to your career success.  But the second one — My destiny is predetermined — really resonated with me.  I am living proof that this type of thinking is unhelpful.

My grandparents never went to school.  My grandfather went to work in the coal mines in central Pennsylvania when he was eight.  My grandmother helped her mother run a boarding house for miners and then became a domestic for a wealthy family at age nine.  Both of my parents graduated from high school, but neither went to college.  I have PhD from Harvard.  My destiny was not predetermined by the circumstances of my birth.

My grandfather, father and mother all worked for big companies in jobs that they didn’t like, but they thought that was all that was available to them.  I was raised with the mantra “go to work for a company and stay there until you retire.”  I chose to start a business, and have been running it for over 25 years.

I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back.  However, I want to make the point that nothing is predetermined.  You can choose to make what you want out of your life.  It takes clear thinking.  It takes guts.  It takes resilience.  But you can control your life and career.  Never think that where you started is where you are destined to end up.

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