Don’t Should On Yourself

I had a lot of shoulds in my life as I was growing up.

I should be a good student.

I should respect my teachers and all other adults.

I should go to college.

I should get a good job and stay with that company until I retired.

You get it.  You probably had a jot of shoulds thrown at you too.

The sad thing is that many people start throwing shoulds at themselves in adulthood.

This article takes on the idea of shoulding on yourself.

I like the questions the author tells you to ask yourself when shoulds start creeping into your life….

  • Am I making choices because I believe they are in my best interest given my situation, values,and goals?
  • Am I sabotaging my future because of mistakes not learned in the past?
  • Am I representing myself with integrity and authenticity?
  • What  would happen if I ignore the shoulds?
  • Is my self-talk hurting me and my career?
  • How do I want to be remembered? My ultimate reputation and legacy is the story I am writing today. Taking control over that legacy means I take full responsibility for my actions and behavior.

Don’t should on yourself.  Do what you want to do, not what you think you should do.  You’ll be happier and more successful this way.

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