Don’t Wage War Against Yourself

A while back I was asked to contribute my brilliance — such that it is — to a site called Inspire Me Today.  Ever since I’ve been reading others’ brilliance on their website.

The other day I came across this little bit of brilliance — Stop Making War Against Yourself.

Check it out…

I like what the author has to say.  She describes her struggles with an eating disorder.  But what she says is applicable to anyone who gets down on themselves for failures and setbacks.

Many of the people who read this blog are looking for a job, or are trying to climb the corporate ladder.  Both of these have more than their share of setbacks and failures.

  • You don’t get an interview when you know your perfect for the job.
  • You interview very well and someone else gets the job.
  • You aren’t even considered for a promotion you think you deserve.

You know what I’m talking about. When these things happen it’s easy to wage war against yourself.  Don’t do it.  If you’ve given it your best shot — researching the company, sending a highly targeted cover letter and resume, preparing for the interview — and still don’t get the job be proud of the effort you put in.  Take a few minutes to grieve the situation or to be angry.  Then learn what you can and put it to use next time.  Make sure that you use what you’ve learned.   This is way more productive that waging war against yourself.

Your career mentor,


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