Everything Counts When It Comes to Building Your Personal Brand

I came across a post by Andy Robinson on the Careerealism site the other day. It listed 14 things that impact the quality of your personal brand. Check them out…

  • Every e-mail message you send to someone else.
  • Every voicemail message you leave for someone.
  • The voicemail message others hear when they try to reach you.
  • Your e-mail signature.
  • Any and all social media profiles you have on networking sites online: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Every written deliverable you submit to anyone else – report, analysis, memo, white paper, article, newsletter, letter, brochure.
  • Any presentation you make in front of anyone else.
  • Every business card you hand out to someone else.
  • The manner in which you greet a stranger or anyone else you meet for the first time.
  • The manner in which you present yourself physically – your style of dress and grooming.
  • Every conversation you have with another person.
  • The quality of the people you hang around with.
  • The role you play in community and professional organizations.
  • The degree of kindness and compassion you communicate to others in every interaction you have.

These 14 certainly have an impact on your personal brand. My friend, Gary Ryan Blair wrote a book a couple of years ago called Everything Counts. This post reminded me of that book. Gary’s point – and for that matter Andy’s too – is that everything you do every day can help or hinder your efforts at building a powerful personal brand. And a powerful personal brand is an important key to your life and career success.

I suggest you start by working on Andy’s 14 points. They will help you craft a winning brand. If you want to take it one step further, get a copy of Gary’s book and incorporate those behaviors into your repertoire. You’ll create a powerful personal brand – and you’ll be on the road to the life and career success you want and deserve.

Your career mentor,


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