Fast Growing Remote Job Careers in 2021

In recent years, remote jobs have seen an uprise in popularity, with more employees searching exclusively for this type of work. People are tired of the traditional office or workplace setting, and are ready to work remotely seeing what new opportunities lie ahead.

As technology and working from home IT support advances, it has become easier than ever before to work from home.

Recruiters are constantly looking for new hires in these growing fields and the demand for employees is increasing as a result of this growth.

Working remotely can benefit recruits in many ways, allowing them freedom and flexibility in their day. It will test communication skills, problem-solving skills, and time management, all necessary tools to work remotely and succeed.

A remote job promises financial stability and flexibility. while learning and excelling within their chosen career.

With a variety of remote jobs available, there are recruiters hiring in all different fields, guaranteeing new hires can find something that fits their niche.

Value Of Remote Jobs In 2021

With the uncertainty of 2020 and a global pandemic, one thing new recruits can rely on is finding a remote job in the different career fields that are hiring. With financial instability as a major concern, working remotely ensures a steady income and consistent job availability.

Pre-Covid, 19% of employees worked remotely but after the pandemic, this number rose to 44% and it is continuing to rise. (Statista)

Remote jobs are ever-changing, altering the way jobs are traditionally viewed.

Remote jobs are able to shift with technology, with continuous advancements enabling work to be done from virtually anywhere. Due to tools such as email, Slack, and Zoom, employees can connect with their employers and team, even from the comfort of their living room, helping them remain motivated.

As people adhere to new technological advancements and discover the advantages they pose, working remotely is becoming more important every day.

Remote jobs are valuable to a growing and changing world, where technology plays a key role.

To increase productivity and maintain financial stability, it is important that you help recruits choose a career path working remotely, so they can see their future begin to flourish.

Skills Needed To Succeed When Working Remotely

When beginning a new career journey, there are many valuable skills that will help recruits build success as they learn and grow working remotely. There are vital skills they will need to obtain, to see an increase in productivity and efficiency when on the job.

Self Discipline

In order to succeed when working remotely, it is crucial to have self-discipline. This will come into play when choosing how to spend time, balance work life, and get things done without a traditional office setting.

It takes drive and motivation, to accomplish work and reach milestones throughout a remote career.

Time Management in The Remote Workplace



As an employee works remotely, it is very important for them to utilize time management skills and be mindful of how they are spending time during the workday. This ties into self-discipline, ensuring time is spent wisely.

Think about everything that needs to be accomplished in the workday and plan it out, giving new hires tools to manage their time in a strategic way, so everything is completed on time and successfully.

Working Remotely Requires Strong Communication Skills

Having strong communication skills is a key component when working remotely. Everything an employee does in the workday relies on communication, through email, messaging apps, or Zoom video meetings.

It is important that recruits check in with their team, let them know how things are going, and acknowledge when milestones are met. This engagement is key to maintaining an authentic and trustworthy relationship between the employee and the employer.

Communication is vital when someone takes on a remote job, it is how they will connect, interact and collaborate with their team.

Using Problem Solving Skills When Working From Home

In any job, it is valuable to have successful problem-solving skills, regardless of the field you are hiring in, but especially when working remotely.

It is important that recruits can analyze, understand and carry out tasks assigned to them, using communication with their team to guide them along when needed. Due to the nature of remote jobs, it is understandable that there may not always be an immediate response, thus bringing in the importance of being able to problem-solve independently.

This will reflect the type of worker your recruit is, proving to your employer that they are knowledgeable, logical, and able to solve problems on their own when necessary.

Benefits Of Working Remotely

When choosing to work remotely, there are many benefits that will be helpful as recruits begin this journey. There are many perks to having a remote job, but it is up to them to discover what they are and enjoy the rewards of the path they chose.

Work Can Be Done From Anywhere

One of the main benefits of having a remote job is that work can be done from anywhere, no matter where recruits are or where they may relocate to.

This means they are free to work from home or a coffee shop, basically anywhere with a connection to WiFi and the Internet. This gives them the ability to choose their career, pursue it and succeed, no matter where life ends up taking them on this journey.

The Freedom and Flexibility of Working Remotely

Since working remotely allows recruits to work from anywhere, they are given more freedom and flexibility within their job and the schedule they create.

In a 2020 survey, 50% of respondents stated the main benefit of working remotely was flexible scheduling. (Statista)

This flexibility will give them the opportunity to schedule their work and personal life, giving them a bit of extra time to do the things they love in between. There is the freedom to enjoy the day and put in the hours needed, all at the same time.

Create A Successful Remote Work/Home Life Balance



Oftentimes, work can feel like it is taking over your life but when employees make the switch to work remotely, they will maintain a balance within their work and personal life.

The main reason most employees found working remotely to be better was due to the work/life balance they could create. (Statista)

Recruits will remain in control of their life, giving them the choice of how to spend their time. This makes time valuable and how it is balanced through the day even more significant. It will increase productivity, helping recruits to achieve daily goals both in their work and personal life.

This will equip them with a sense of accomplishment, helping them remain motivated and driven during each workday.

Working Remotely has Positive Impacts On Your Physical and Mental Health

In previous years, remote jobs have been proven to have powerful impacts on employees’ health and happiness.

Remote jobs are proven to reduce stress, providing employees with the ability to work in their ideal environment, secluded from the stress or tension that can linger in an office space.

A remote job can also give them more free time, allowing recruits to engage in hobbies, activities, and have time to get outside or exercise. There is more freedom to do what they want when the time presents itself, impacting their happiness and the way they perform during work hours.

Both physical and mental health are important and a key factor in how efficient your team will be when doing their job. The happier and healthier they are, the better your team will be.

Fast-Growing Careers For Remote Jobs


There are a lot of marketing jobs available in many different industries, bringing an open door of opportunity when looking for a career in this field.

Marketers promote and educate others about the product/service they offer and the benefits of working with their company. A marketing career is versatile, giving recruits the chance to find their proper niche.

  • Content Marketers
  • Research Specialist


Nowadays, it has become easier than ever to put new writing out in the world and see where this type of career can take your recruit.

Freelance writing gives new hires the opportunity to write a variety of content, expanding their knowledge while gaining new skills along the way. This can impact their growth in this field and help them to build up a successful future in this field.

  • Freelance
  • Copywriting

HR and Recruiting

Human resource professionals help to connect candidates with the proper job, providing support and encouragement as they seek employment.

By taking on this job, an employee can help others and give them the chance to find their career path, leading them where they are ultimately meant to be. Thanks to technology, this can all now be done virtually.

  • Onboarding Coordinator
  • Data Analyst


This career field involves processing financial data, organizing financial records, and assisting clients with their tax preparations.

This job can easily be done remotely, setting new hires up for success within their career choice.

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Customer Service

By working from home in the customer service field, your recruits can interact with their customers and direct them to help meet their needs. Clients will ask questions and voice their concerns, allowing employees to help educate them and meet their needs.

This job will require patience and strong communication skills, all necessary tools to succeed in the customer service career field.

  • Customer Support Agent
  • Customer Service Representative


Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in therapists shifting towards an online presence, meeting with patients through online video sessions.

This provides clients an alternative, safe way to meet with their therapist, especially during an uncertain time when anxiety and mental health issues are already high.

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist


The education field has become more remote, due to the pandemic, needing teachers, assistants, and tutors online now more than ever before.

Since many schools shifted to an online platform, it is no wonder the demand in this job field is continuing to grow over time.

  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Tutor

Why You Should Seek a Remote Job In 2021



Due to the amount of fast-growing careers for remote jobs and their availability, recruiters are looking for new hires every day, hoping to find the right fit for their team.

If recruits are looking for more freedom in their workday, mental clarity, and financial stability, then finding a remote job may be valuable to their career and the future they wish to build. If they are a hard worker, with self-discipline, communication skills, and time management then they already have what it takes to be successful when working remotely.

Maintaining a remote job will have a positive impact on your employees’ health and happiness, giving them the freedom they desire within their careers.

If the traditional office setting isn’t for your new hires, then finding a remote job for them could be the best decision you can make. With the right amount of passion, self-discipline, and drive, anything is possible for the future of your recruits.

To build a path towards success in 2021, potential hires can begin by seeking recruitment into a career field where they can work remotely and flourish in all they do.



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