Five Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

It takes approximately seven seconds to make a first impression. Within this brief amount of time, your credibility, trustworthiness, and likeability has been assessed. Whether it’s a job interview or trying to receive a promotion, your personal brand and how you present yourself has a profound impact when looking for a transition. To help you out, here are 5 tips on how to upgrade your professional image in the workplace:

  1. Be the architect of your image. Whether you work in a formal or informal environment, how you dress plays a large role on your personal logo. If you’re looking to be regarded as more professional, dressing “smart casual” will relay approachability and credibility. To achieve this look, opt for a blazer and/or collared shirt paired with slacks. If you aren’t sure how to dress the part, don’t hesitate to enlist in the help of a personal stylist. Stores like J. Crew offer free styling services to help you achieve your desired look. Quick rule of thumb: it’s always better to overdress than underdress.
  2. Your tone of voice is just as important as the words you’re saying. Do you speak like a robot or are your words jumbled? Your tone quickly dictates how effective you will be as a leader. Focus on speaking clearly, with energy and emotion. This is especially important during an interview when seeking a new opportunity or in a meeting with key decision makers.
  3. Pay attention to nonverbal cues. Eye contact is an important form of body language and can easily relay comfort, genuinity, and level of engagement. Try maintaining eye contact for three seconds during conversation or lock eyes with people in the room during meetings or presentations when speaking.  A strong handshake is another important nonverbal when introducing yourself. When delivering a proper handshake, there is a fine balance between a tight squeeze and a weak grip. A firm handshake quickly conveys strength and confidence, creating a good impression. Facial expressions are an important role in communication, too. A smile quickly disarms and relays warm, friendly, and outgoing attributes. All important characteristics when selecting an individual for a new role.  The physical response to fear is to protect the body by tucking your pelvis and rounding your back. With that said, a strong, upright posture gives the perception that you are confident and engaged. Obtain this desirable position by rolling your shoulders up and back, neutralizing the spine, and positioning your chin so that it’s parallel with the floor.
  4. Consider the environment when it comes to ink, piercings, and facial hair. Aren’t sure of the company policy? It’s always best to play it safe and remove any extreme piercings and cover up visible tattoos. In addition, when it comes to upgrading your image, it’s important to clean up your facial hair by removing stray hairs from a well-groomed beard or simply opt for a clean shaving face.
  5. Social media matters. Keeping your business profiles, such as LinkedIn, up-to-date shows that you’re invested in the industry and willing to connect with other professionals. Looking to “level-up” your page? Invest in headshots from a local photographer.

Your personal brand plays an important role on how people view you in the workplace. No matter the organization or position, there’s always room to upgrade your image to help you secure your dream job.

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