Four Careers For People Who Love Technology and Design

If there has been one constant driver of the progression of mankind and civilization, it has been technology. As new technologies are developed and older technologies are improved, the lives of people all over the globe have improved in tandem.

As such, there will always be a demand for technology jobs. If you want to have a real impact on people’s lives in both big and small ways, a career in technology can do just that. This is especially the case for people with artistic sensibilities. Below are four careers for those who love technology and design.

Website Designer

One of those technological innovations that has changed the world is the internet. According to statistics, there are over 1.8 billion websites. As such, web design is a large and growing career field. Becoming a website developer requires technical knowledge, coding skills, and a good eye for aesthetics and design. Artistic talent is certainly required for website design work. Websites must be aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional to succeed.

App Developer

Another innovation that has had a huge impact on people’s lives is the smartphone. It has granted people access to the limitless knowledge and communication abilities of the internet from anywhere a signal is available. Programs that run on smartphones and tablets are known as apps, short for applications. Developing apps has becoming a big business. It has been estimated that by 2020, apps will produce $188.9 billion in revenue.

Digital Animator

Animation today isn’t all done by hand. Instead, computers play a huge role. In many forms of animation, technology plays a primary role. This is certainly the case for computer-generated animation that requires the creation and manipulation of 3D models and textured backgrounds. If you become a digital animator, you could work in anything from children’s cartoons to TV commercials to big-budget Hollywood movies.

Video Game Designer

Another possibility you should consider for a career that combines technology and design is developing video games. Video games have recently surpassed Hollywood in the amount of money they make. There are many different ways that video games can make money. This includes direct sales, video game site monetization, and subscription services. If successful, video games can be a very lucrative business.

Technology will continue to evolve and improve into the future. If you want good job security, seek out a career in a technology based field. There is plenty of room for those with artistic sensibilities. A lot of design work will be needed for our increasingly digital future.


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