Four Great Master’s Programs for Working Adults

As this blog continues to grow in popularity, I get more and more requests from writers who want to do a guest post.  I reject many of them and publish the best.  Here is a good one of maters’s programs for working adults written by Ani Oaks.

Earning a master’s degree is on the bucket list of many working professionals. Today, a master’s degree is often needed to open doors in the workplace that could be opened by bachelor’s degrees in past years. Fortunately, many institutions have worked to meet this growing need in creative ways, such as offering online options, remote campuses, and flexible class times. Before jumping into a program, however, a professional should consider whether a given program will actually help advance his or her career.

Master’s in Computer Science

According to, a master’s degree in computer science is one of the most lucrative graduate degrees available. Holding this degree can bump an individual’s salary well into the six-figure range, making it a worthwhile investment. Since computer science is such an integral part of modern life, this is a job market that should remain hot for years. Keep in mind that continuing education will be a “must” in this field as systems and technology are changing daily.

Master’s in Business Administration

One would be hard-pressed to find a top-level business leader who did not have an MBA. This degree provides stronger analytical, managerial, and leadership skills to make participants more competitive in today’s global economy. Some schools, like Norwich University, offer online MBA programs with specific concentrations such as organizational leadership, finance, and construction management. These are often completed online in one’s spare time.

Master’s in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.)

Engineering is a hot field and is constantly changing. Obtaining a master’s degree in one of these fields can increase an engineer’s clout and earning potential. The research opportunities and networking opportunities in one’s particular field are extra benefits to the degree. Available programs vary with the engineering specialty, but most are available online.

Master’s in Health Care Administration

With today’s aging population and ever-changing healthcare system, a master’s in health care administration can help professionals meet the complex demands of this field. This degree will open doors in settings from clinics to hospitals to government agencies. Possible careers include director of hospital administration and long-term care manager.

Obtaining a master’s degree can boost one’s earning and advancement potential, but as with any investment, it is vital to consider the “return on investment,” which why these four degrees are some of the best for today’s professionals.

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