Four Tips for Expanding Your Career

I get lots of requests from people who would like to guest post here.  I turn down many of them.  But I like this article on expanding your career written by Brooke Chaplan.  Check it out…

These days, many people are interested in learning how they can move their careers forward. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that utilizing good networking techniques can help you remain on the path to vocational mobility and better professional development. Here are four tips you can utilize to move your career in the right direction.

Pursue Ongoing Education
This is one of the most effective networking strategies you can try. Pursuing ongoing education in your field will empower you to meet a wide range of people who either work within your industry, or know someone who does. Additionally, attaining another degree or certification will make you a more competitive job candidate. Remember that while attaining a degree in a specific field is advantageous, a general degree can make you more marketable across diverse sectors. For this reason, something like an MBA might be more advantageous than something specified to closely to an industry.

Bring Your Business Cards
If you’re serious about using the realm of networking to expand your career, make sure you bring your business cards when you attend professional events. Doing so will help ensure that prospective business partners, employers, and/or clients will contact you via e-mail, phone, or social media. Make sure you make use of other business cards you might receive as well.

Develop an Elevator Pitch
In addition to bringing your business cards to networking functions, make sure you develop an elevator pitch to throw out to new connections. This strategy will prepare you to say something concise and meaningful about you and/or your brand when you interface with people at conferences, lectures, baby showers, and any other event. The ideal elevator pitch is between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Don’t make it sound too rehearsed and make sure it just gets the point across.

Complete an Internship
One final networking tip you should definitely implement is the completion of an internship. This step is effective for numerous reasons, one of which is that employers often hire interns who do an exceptional job. Doing an internship will also enable you to interface with employees within the field that you wish to work or grow within. These individuals may at some point be able to connect you with a prospective employer as well.

Those who want to keep their careers on the path of perpetual growth should know that implementing sound networking strategies can help them realize this objective. You can use some or all of the networking tips and tricks outlined above to ensure you attain the professional growth and success you desire.

Hope you like Brooke’s ideas.

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