Four Words That Can Kill Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the two, three or four words you want people to associate with you.  This article suggests four words that you don’t want people to associate with you.

I agree with the author.  “Just as good as” is not the basis of a strong personal brand.  In fact, these four words are a detriment.  You want to stand on your accomplishments.  Don’t diminish yourself by saying that you as just as good as… You want your personal brand to be a strong, affirming statement — not something equivocal.

My brand is The Common Sense Guy.  I chose these words carefully.  Common Sense is meant to imply that I am good at looking at complex situations, breaking them down, and then coming up with simple, easy to implement solutions.  Guy is meant to imply that I am approachable, easy to work with.  These words sum up how I want people to think of me.  And, for the most part, I’ve been successful in getting people to think of me this way.

I’m successful at this, because I consistently and constantly reinforce my brand.  This blog is one of the ways I do this.  I read a lot of articles on life and career success.  I pass on only a few here.  That’s because I don’t curate for the sake of curating.  I present you with articles that have a common sense message and provide you with some actionable ideas.  I add my thoughts on the articles in order to amplify the important points.  I do this because I never want you to forget that I am the common sense guy.

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