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The subject of happiness came up three times for me yesterday.  When I was reviewing the case I taught in my MBA class last night, there was a mention of a happiness workshop.  Later in the day I participated in a webinar lead by one of my CareerHMO coaching colleagues — the topic was happiness.  Right before class I was on LinkedIn and the following article on happiness popped up.

So I figured I needed to blog about happiness.  Let’s begin with the article…

I like all seven pieces of advice in the article but I particularly like number 5 — Give.

Helping other people always makes me feel happy, and good about myself.  I enjoy doing small things for others.  I expect nothing in return, because in my opinion, coming from a quid quo pro perspective isn’t really giving.  It’s bartering.

My career membership site is one way I give.  I set it up to help young professionals create successful and fulfilling lives and careers.  It’s free because I want to help as many people as I can to create the life and career success they deserve.  And, it makes me happy.  You can join for free at

To sum up — if you want to be happy become a giver.  Do what you can for others.  Expect nothing in return.  Your reward will be your happiness — which in turn will lead to your life and career success.

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