Great Offer on a Great Book — Today (Friday, March 14) Only

This is my second post today.  I rarely do two posts in one day, but I wanted to make sure that readers of this blog didn’t miss out on the chance to buy a great new book at a discounted price, and get over $8,500 in bonuses to go with it.

Do you know what impacts health and longevity the most?

EDUCATION is top of the list!

That’s why I’m always reading books, listening to audio programs, and attending quality trainings.
I’ll bet you do too.

And, when I come across a particularly useful book or program, I love to share it with my community.  Today, I want to tel you about a brand new book called "UPPING the Downside" by Master Developmental Coach, Mike R. Jay.

Mike’s book is all about how to create professional resilience by design (did you know you could actually design your life to be more resilient?).

The book is discounted to $9.97 today only, Friday, March 14. When you buy the book today, you’ll also receive a huge collection of Resilience Bonuses worth over $8,500 generously provided by Experts and Leaders around the world.

This is Mike’s way of saying thank you for buying his book today!

Bonus materials include software, audios, videos, live teleclasses, online courses, e-guides, blogging support, coaching, consulting, even tickets to live in-person events!

These are all bonuses with substance  you can begin implementing right away to generate more resilience now!  My bonus is an eBook: Star Power: Common Sense Advice for Career and Life Success

For the complete list of all 50+ Bonuses you get with your purchase, follow this link:

Here’s to your resilience.

Bud Bilanich

P.S. If you plan on living a long and healthy life, remember to keep up your education!

P.P.S. Besides me, the lineup of bonus contributors includes: Ken McArthur, Ben Mack, Eva Gregory, Hannah Wilder, David Matthies, Kevin Nations, Tara McGillicuddy, Ken Foster, Ellen Britt, Reed Floren, Trevor Crook, Maria Reyes-McDavis, Warren Whitlock, Denise Wakeman, Rhoberta Shaler, Andrea J. Lee, and many more! See the full list here:

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