Hard Work and High Performance

Today is Wednesday, so this post is on outstanding performance.

I subscribe to Brian Tracy’s Time Management Success Newsletter.  I like Brian’s ideas because they are no nonsense and common sense.  A recent newsletter post began:

“All successful people are very productive. They work longer hours and they work better hours. They get a lot more done than the average person. They get paid more and promoted faster. They are highly respected and esteemed by everyone around them. They become leaders and role models. Inevitably, they rise to the top of their fields and to the top of their income ranges, and so can you.”

Notice what he says about successful people – they are productive and “they work longer hours and they work better hours.”  I agree.  There is no shortcut to success.  These days, you can find a lot of people on the internet who say they will sell you a program to help you become successful and make lots of money without having to work too hard.

As I always say – if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.  Make no mistake about it.  Outstanding performance and the success that comes with it, is the result of hard work.  This almost always means long hours.  Outstanding performers are willing to put in the time it takes to succeed.

Becoming an outstanding performer may mean that you’ll need to make some changes in how you work.  Brian’s newsletter went on to say, “Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something. Significant change starts when you decide to either get in or get out, either fish or cut bait.  Here are two steps you can take immediately.  First, hold your own feet to the fire. Resolve to start earlier, work harder and stay later. Don’t let yourself off the hook.  Second, become an expert in time management. Learn and practice time management techniques every day until they become habits.”

I think the first suggestion is really important – “Resolve to start earlier, work harder and stay later.”  The second suggestion is important too – if you learn and apply simple time management practices you will find that you will get more done in less time.

The common sense point for today is simple – work harder.  Put in the time it takes to become a success.  You’ll be surprised what an extra hour a day can do for your performance. 

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I’ll see you around the web, and at Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


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